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Orthodontics is an area of dentistry that entails teeth alignment modification, bite correction, and improving jaw relations. Teeth can be moved to their correct and desired position with the help of braces. The use of dental braces can correct teeth spacing, crooked teeth, and malposed teeth. Patients are required to return to the dentist monthly or, depending on the frequency required, to achieve the correct teeth positioning. It is best to seek consultation here at Smile More Dental Clinic if you want to get dental braces to improve your smile.

Dental brackets are bonded to the teeth. The use of special-shaped archwires and elastics makes it possible for the teeth to move. We primarily offer metal braces and ceramic braces in our clinic.

Once you noticed that you or your child’s teeth are crooked, teeth relations are amiss, jaws are in abnormal tendencies, or any other facial or dental incongruity of a sort, visit us to assist you better.

We also would like to stress that Orthodontic Treatment requires not just investment of money but also time. It would be best that you see us frequently to avoid getting complications like dental cavities, adverse teeth movement, and other untoward consequences of not seeing us when required.

It would be wise to seek Orthodontic Treatment sooner rather than later. Since adjustment and correction can become harder once the jaw has finished growing and permanent teeth are fully seated in place.

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