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We want to make it straightforward for patients with health cards to get dental care. Please call our clinic hotline to reserve an appointment using your health card with dental benefits. We prioritize patients who schedule their visits ahead of time.

For any questions about your insurance coverage, it’s best to contact your insurance company directly. They will have all the answers about your specific benefits or coverage. We’ll try to fit you in if you have an emergency. Still, it depends on our dentists’ availability. You can call or text us during clinic hours to arrange an emergency consultation. We’re here to assist, so feel free to reach us if you have queries or need assistance with scheduling or understanding your benefits.

We accept most HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) Cards. Refer to the list below:

Frequently Asked Questions (for HMOs):

No, we only accept patients with scheduled appointments to ensure organized and thorough care.
Call our hotline during clinic hours to arrange a priority schedule based on dentist availability.
Due to high demand, securing a schedule may take 3 to 4 weeks. Please know that we are striving to accommodate as many patients as possible. If you can’t wait, we recommend finding another accredited dentist nearby.
Please bring your valid, unexpired HMO Card and a government-issued ID or acceptable identification for verification.
Typically, consultation, basic dental cleaning, simple extractions, temporary fillings, two or more Light-cure dental fillings, and other services specified in your company’s agreement with the HMO are covered. Check with your HR department or the HMO’s Customer Service Hotline for specific coverage details.
Claim forms are necessary for insurance payment processing. Please complete and sign the claim forms so our clinic can receive payment from the HMO for your services.
No, our services are limited to what is covered by your health card. You can pay for additional services not included in your benefits if desired.
It’s best to call ahead and schedule your appointment in advance to increase the chances of getting your preferred date and time.
Health cards primarily cover medical essentials, and dental services are often limited or considered elective. Expect some restrictions when using your health card for dental care.
Usually, only simple extractions are covered unless your company provides additional benefits for complex extractions.
The dentist may have determined that the tooth is not restorable due to extensive decay. They want to offer appropriate and effective solutions to address the tooth problem.
Yes, you have the right to decline any dental treatment. We always inform patients about recommended treatments before proceeding.
If you’re unsure about keeping your appointment, it’s best to call us in advance. By doing so, we can offer the slot to other patients waiting for an available appointment.
Using your health card may require additional verification and approval processes, which can cause delays. Please be understanding as we work with the HMO to ensure the validity of your dental claims. Cooperation with clinic staff is appreciated as they assist with your health card usage.