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When you lost many of your teeth, and you find that Fixed Bridge is not suited to your budget or this may not be the right solution, then dentures can be the treatment done for you.

Removable partial dentures can cover more significant areas and restore your bite. Complete Dentures covers an entirely large portion, replacing all the lost upper and lower teeth.

We usually make a mold from the imprint taken in your mouth, obtain your correct bite, and then send them to the dental laboratory to fabricate dentures. The denture is comprised of a gum-colored resin or rubber-like base material with false teeth anchored to it.

Partial Dentures are seated on the patient’s jaw ridges and secured on the remaining natural teeth for retention. Their gum-colored base sits on the gum ridge while their claps or hooks are attached to the present natural teeth. We usually make the denture retentive and stable so patients can use them with more minor slips that are common with most dentures. Choosing the right color and form of the artificial teeth, plus the dentist’s expertise in doing dentures, can make a smile transformation appear realistic.

Complete or Full Dentures are placed on gum ridges that have all the teeth missing. Since intimate gum contact accounts for their best fit, getting a detailed mold is essential. With complete denture, we need to establish the lost bite to a correct pattern. And we have to arrange the artificial teeth in a more esthetic and pleasing fashion, so they would appear as natural as possible. Through many years of delivering complete dentures, we crafted countless dentures with the fit, bite and look patients loved to have.

So, let Smile More Dental Clinic team, frequented by happy patients in Ermita, Manila provide you with the comfortable and life-like denture you want!  Discover why many patients from Manila and neighboring cities of Makati, Pasay, Paranaque, Pasig, Quezon, Caloocan chose us to be their denture provider.

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