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Peri-apical X-rays

We need to take a Peri-apical X-ray when we want to discover more about the dental problems, like tooth decay and those dental tissues or structures under the gums and the jawbone.

We will tell you when we need an X-ray if you have pain and discomfort on your teeth, and we need to see the full image of your teeth to grasp the overall picture.

Since tooth decay eats up the hardened tooth shell (enamel), drilling the tooth without a guide can be risky if we find out that the cavity hole has eaten up the inner structure (dentin), infringed on the dental nerve. So, with Peri-apical X-ray, we can right away deduce our wariness.

When checking the bone level of periodontally involved teeth (gum disease), X-rays guide us in knowing the progression of the disease and plan our treatment approach.

When doing fixed bridges and dental crowns, and knowing that these dental services are pretty extensive and expensive, we want to be piloted with X-ray guides. So we can inform you of the treatment process and additional treatment needed.

Peri-apical X-rays are always required to fully assess a tooth when doing a root canal.  They are a necessary part of the process to check on the right length of the root canal and filling that we are doing.

When we can no longer save the tooth nor do Root Canal Treatment on it,  Peri-apical X-rays will aid in approaching the extraction.  The numbers and projection of tooth roots, jawbone density, delicate and vital structures (nerves and sinus) can be shown here.

An indispensable guide to performing dental implants – which will guide us thoroughly in the implantation route.

So, when we require that X-rays need to be taken, it will help us do our proper care and for you to have the reassurance that the dental treatment is done carefully.

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