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Dental Filling

Whether you like it or not, you can get dental cavities at one point in your life. Why? – Because you consume sugary and starchy food beverages, your teeth structure may not be that hard to resist decay. Besides, there are innate defects within the teeth (pits & fissures) where decay is likely to start.

When you have mild to moderate depth dental decay, the best to do is remove the rotten part affected by the deterioration and cover it with a suitable dental filling. Gone are the days when using silver amalgam fillings was the custom of plugging the cleaned tooth cavity because they cause tooth discoloration and simply not cosmetically pleasing. With the current Composite Fillings that our dentists at Smile More Dental Clinic in Ermita, Manila, use to fill the dental cavities of our patients, you can be pleased that they will be like the color of the teeth (tooth-colored). We likewise ensure that the rotten tooth part is all removed out to stop the decay process. Rest your mind easy because we use better dental filling materials and skillfully do the tooth sealing so that you can benefit in the long run.

Suppose you want tooth-color filling to stuff the esthetic facade of your smile.

If you consider having the chewing part of your teeth filled in on the hole that catches food and plaque. If there are holes, you noticed on your teeth that need filling. Here at Smile More Dental Clinic in Manila — we have the proper solution to stop the decay from destroying your teeth. The sooner we do it, the higher chance for you to keep your teeth intact without having to go through more extensive and costly dental services.

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