Scaling and Polishing
(Oral Prophylaxis)

When you need Professional Teeth Cleaning to remove dental plaque, hard teeth deposits (tartar), and stains that cannot be removed by regular brushing, you can visit us at Smile More Dental Clinic in Ermita, Manila.

Remember that your food nourishment enters your body through your mouth. If your teeth and gums are teeming with plaque and bacteria, then you steer disease into your body. When your gums bleed while brushing, gingiva pulls away from your teeth, and you notice unpleasant breath –these are possible signs of gum disease. Hence, more profound teeth cleaning (Deep Scaling) can promote gum healing.

Regrettably, you can not afford to lose you’re your teeth or deal with gum disease when the situation worsens. This could mean great inconvenience and pursuing more costly dental treatment.

Allow us to do your Dental Cleaning (Oral Prophylaxis) to rid of the plaque, calculus, and teeth stains that are annoying to your gums and cause decay to your teeth.

 Most patients find dental cleanings painless. If you have exposed teeth and receded gums, you might feel some degree of discomfort as we scrape away the hardened plaque. The ultrasonic cleaning device will give a pulsating and tickling sensation to your teeth. The mist of the water washes away the debris. Finally, we will polish your teeth using a rotary brush with grainy toothpaste. You sure will like the fresh mouth feeling after your teeth have been cleaned!

Before and After
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