Root Canal Treatment

You risk losing your teeth to infection when the tooth has been damaged badly due to dental decay. Dental restoration failures like leaked, or fractured dental fillings, defective dental works (seeped dental crowns or a fixed bridge) can also threaten you with an impending toothache or severed tooth nerve.  Infection happens when the bacteria has leaked into the dental nerve, and pulp disease ensues. More often, they become symptomatic. You experience pain, swelling, and it makes you uncomfortable that you want to see a dentist soon. Sometimes our teeth get infected or inflamed inside without us knowing it (silent infection). But do not be reassured. One day impending distress may be looming around — at times, you don’t expect them.

Smile More Dental Clinic in Ermita, Manila, can help you keep your natural teeth in place without having to extract or remove them just because you can not stand the discomfort. When you want to get rid promptly of the hurt, and you want to save the teeth for good, our dentist can do Root Canal Treatment for you.

We do Root Canal Treatment to save the tooth and put it back to function, keeping you at bay from intolerable pain and harmful infection. This process involves cleaning out the infected tooth pulp down to the roots (hence the name), medicating the area, then filling it with a sealer to prevent further infection. Afterward, we suggest restoring the root canal-treated tooth with a dental crown to restore the tooth to its functioning and much better form.

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