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Wisdom Teeth Surgery

As we reach the age between 17 to 21 years, our wisdom teeth emerge, but some do not come out. Hence, they become impacted. This occurrence affects mostly teenagers, but the worry can keep until adulthood. We should be expecting that this set of teeth should have come out by the scheduled age. We should be alarmed if they do not appear. By the age of 21, individuals have attained the age of wisdom. The said teeth erupt corresponding to this so-called “maturity age.” For in reality, if these wisdom teeth emerge, they can assist in chewing foods. It’s typical to experience discomfort during the teeth eruption process of permanent teeth. Still, if the pain becomes intense, you need to see a dentist soon.

Lack of Space for the eruption:

The third molar can become troublesome if they lack the room to come out or when they emerge in a different way or placement. When the dentist finds out an impacted or unerupted third molar, they could mean being trapped within the gums or inside the jawbone.

As these third molars or wisdom teeth emerge or erupt, the dental practitioner must be able to  assess your oral cavity for the following signs:

1.) Wisdom teeth, when they become impacted, can cause food to be trapped. These teeth, in turn, provides the area for the bacteria to flourish.

2.) If the third molar does not erupt, it could be hard to clean the area between the adjacent tooth.

3.) Even if they partly erupted, they could provide a favorable spot for bacteria to accumulate and the area to become inflamed or irritated. This impaction may result in annoyance, inflammation, and jaw stiffness.

4.) Suppose this set of teeth do not come out. In that case, crowding or crooked teeth appearance can happen — it’s difficult to clean the malaligned teeth.

5.) Impacted wisdom teeth can sometimes give rise to the formation of cyst associated with it. The cyst can expand and cause troubling damage to the associated teeth and the jawbone area affected by it.

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Why is Wisdom Teeth Removal a Practical Solution?

Though the associated problems related to impacted wisdom teeth may differ from person to person, the indication for removal far outweighs the reason for keeping them because of:

1.) Hurting or Pain
2.) Infection
3.) Formation of Cyst
4.) Tumors May Grow
5.) Harm to Adjacent Teeth
6.) Periodontal (Gum) Infection
7.)Dental Caries
8.) As a requirement before doing Dental Braces.

When deciding if the third molar should be surgically extracted, an X-ray evaluation is first done. The patient and the attending dentist or dental surgeon can discuss the planned management. We can provide an estimate or cost of the procedure after checking the patient and see the X-ray result.

Suppose you are doubtful to have the wisdom teeth removed. In that case, you must regularly visit the dentist and have him or her check on the wisdom teeth condition from time to time. The dentist will check on changes or events that can lead to a more significant problem. Because as the individual becomes older and more medical issues are coming out, the removal of wisdom teeth can become a risky encounter. Always clean and floss the wisdom teeth and see your dentist frequently.

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